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In 2014, a Quant at a major Nordic Fund had had enough. Endless hours of problem solving that should have taken minutes to solve if automated lit the spark to the idea that has turned into Captron. How much could (and should) be automated? Is it possible to create a transparent architecture where numbers explain what they are and where they come from? Is it possible to create a user experience where no manual or training is necessary?

And so the journey began. The decision to take on this huge challenge was made on a sunny afternoon at a kitchen table in a small village located in the province of Messina, Italy. This village will always have a huge symbolic value for our company - the name of that village is Limina.

Hours of thinking, endless writing of notes on paper and whiteboards had started. Soon, the Quant was joined by others who shared his experience. Eventually the project moved on to computers. Days, weeks and months of coding, testing, failing and reengineering passed.

In early 2015, the first fragments were ready for what would eventually become the product Captron. A London based global macro hedge fund were the first brave pilot for the remainder of the year; with very positive reviews both on the product itself and for the service provided by the team.

Encouraged by the experience, the team was more committed than ever and the project kicked on. Throughout 2016 the project grew and in October the first release was ready. During this year the company structure changed and now included additional expertise from the industry as well as new roles including sales and operations. The next stage of the trip had been initiated - to meet potential customers and introduce them to Captron.

Throughout 2017, more brave early clients have joined to reap the benefits of a cutting edge mordern platform with 100% automation. As for the team, it has grown to well beyond double digits and returned to Italy in September for what will likely become a yearly company get-together.