API & upgrades

Limina’s approach to buy-side technology

Limina believe a solution for the financial buy-side industry needs to;

  • Be API based to allow for maximum flexibility.
  • Have a micro service architecture, to be quick to change when the financial markets do.
  • Be hosted and managed by the vendors (including upgrades performed by the vendor), to make sure the vendor stays 100% responsible for the entire distribution chain.

Captron is API based

Captron is a server-side application, with no logic in the client. All requests to the server is done through an API. This have a long list of benefits including:

  • Anything that you want to create yourself outside of Captron, you just hook up to our API to extract the data you need, crunch the numbers, and then insert the results back into Captron to have it show up where you want it.
  • If you want to create your own GUIs, you can easily do this.
  • It’s easier for our support team to trouble-shoot since we can see what you can.
  • There is truly nothing for you to maintain.
  • Lower total cost of ownership, as you’ll never be charged for customisations.

System architecture

The architecture itself is based on micro-services, which means there are multiple server components on our side. One of the advantages of this is that we can replace parts of the system fast and safely without affecting the rest of the application. We do this regularly already, which means the solution is always running on the latest technology.

A small case study from system development

We have created an internal code generator tool, to assist our developers in writing code faster and with higher quality. A code generator is a piece of software that writes software. Basically, automating a big part of our development.

Limina manages upgrades

Limina completely manage the upgrades of the system and upgrades are delivered bi-weekly or monthly. Clients always have access to a stage environment which holds the next upcoming release (2-4 weeks in advance).

To make sure the new releases are always stable, we run a large series of tests internally before the release even hits our client’s stage environment. When in stage, we also offer an additional service to our clients to run specific tests on their behalf.