Portfolio managers & Traders

You’ve heard the buzzwords before: smart tools, intuitive & easy to use, mobile app, powerful real-time risk engine. There’s one difference - we deliver.
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IT departments

We take care of operation and maintenance of Captron with a rigorous SLA, which means you can focus on your internal IT.
Captron comes with a granular API, which means you can access and intercept any part of the system with your own proprietary logic. This gives you the power to make the changes you want in the programming language and environment that you choose. Should there at any point be any questions - our support team is just a phone call away year around 24/7. Learn more about how we try to give autonomy back to IT-departments:
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Captron comes with a CRM system tailored for asset managers. built right in. If a client calls, just open their profile in Captron to bring up past investments, notes, attachments. Create searchable custom tags on clients and automatically send performance-emails to specific groups.
Why have a separate CRM when Captron can give you direct access to not only ordinary CRM functions but also investment and fee data?
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The only way to get a complete overview of your business, portfolios and investors is to keep it one system – Captron. Reduce operational risk, increase control. Set and monitor limits/compliance on trades in any lifecycle state. Create automatic daily reports to be emailed to you every morning.
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Risk management & Compliance

Whatever number you need: VaR, DV01, exposure…
Whatever you need to control: pre-trade compliance, board limits, portfolio-specific limits…
However you want to be alerted: email, daily report, mobile phone notification…
We’ve got the tools you need.
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Middle office

Calculate investor fees, P&L and performance attribution with full transparency. Drill into a NAV number down to a position contribution. Here is when the fun starts. If a number is questioned for any reason, just click on it to drill further down. A market value on book level is the product of the market value and an fx rate. Continue down in the fx-rate to find out it’s been triangulated through USD. Go further into the two currency quotes…
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Back office

Welcome to the world of automation. Settlement instructions, cash flows, accounting exports. All automatically generated according to the rules you specify. Instead of working on manual reconciliation, you can with Captron spend the time on the exceptions – the tasks that requires a human eye.
Computers are not substitutes for humans, they are complements. While humans excel at some tasks, computers excel at others – such as processing a large set of data.
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