Joining the Limina Graduate Program is a fast-track into a highly attractive role within the challenging and rewarding FinTech industry! We groom our graduates into one of two main roles:

Financial Systems Consultant

As a financial systems consultant, your primary objective is to ensure our clients get a great first experience working with Limina as part of our product implementation projects. The role includes working closely together with our clients to map out the requirements and scope, implement and quality assure system implementations as well as holding user training workshops

Customer support Specialist

As customer support specialist, you will work closely with our clients to make sure they get the best possible value out of our product once they are live. In many ways it is a similar role to the implementation team consultants; the difference is you will manage more but smaller work tasks. It’s often high tempo, but it is also very rewarding in that you get very quick feedback on your work, as it directly affects the clients’ core business!

Both roles are also instrumental for collecting customer feedback about our product and methodologies – so you will be an important link between the clients and our other departments within Limina, and as such you will be closely involved in our product development process.


Graduates will minimum need to hold or be undertaking a Bachelor in the following:
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Economics
  • Or a related field
Essential Skills/Traits:
  • Analytical/problem solver
  • Good project/time managment skills
  • Team player
  • Desire to learn
  • Humility

What the program offers you

Working as a consultant or customer support specialist is a great way to kick-start your career and offers the following opportunities:

  • The graduate program is a great way to build experience by seeing many different clients’ working processes up-close
  • At Limina you will (as opposed to at many large consultancy firms) get a client facing role early on! Rest assured though, you will always have a senior colleague as mentor to back you up and give you advice
  • Build valuable diverse skills by practicing everything from “soft skills” such as how to handle clients and learning about project methodology & management, as well as building domain expertise in both buy-side financial topics and technical/system topics. Also - our clients are typically small to medium size organisations, meaning you will get a chance to see a large part of the value chain (as opposed to joining a narrow product team at a bank)!
  • Global client base means interesting international opportunities! With a huge client/prospect base in London, New York, Dubai & Hong Kong (to name a few), you are sure to get opportunities to travel if you like


If you’re excited about continuing your education and work specialisation at Limina, we urge you to get in contact! Shoot us an email at Enclosing your CV including place and subject of study along with your predicted/achieved grade.