The All-in-one OMS, PMS & RMS!


Limina offers the first all-in-one solution for hedge funds, mutual funds and service providers. With Captron, streamlined work processes becomes reality. User experience is our top priority, and we have designed Captron to be a true pleasure to work with. Captron consists of six different modules, you decide which set-up suits you best!

As your requirements increase, you can easely add modules to Captron to fully achieve an automated and streamlined management. Below you will see all modules available in the Captron suite today.

Order Management System
Increase the automation level by importing orders via FIX protocol, or generate orders based on model portfolios.

The order management module is prepared for connectivity via FIX networks as well as the terminal solutions, such as through our partner Infront.

Portfolio Management System
The core of Captron is a cash flow based portfolio management system with broad asset coverage that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Captron Suite to cover the whole transaction life cycle. 

Enjoy a high degree of automation – from transaction import and instrument setup to position generation – all with full audit trail and configurable workflows and permissions.

With valuations as mark-to-market, theoretical or from external sources and P&L calculated according to GIPS standards, our intuitive dashboard and reporting functionality with smart management tools gives you a perfect view of your positions on any aggregation level.

Automated NAV calculations by schedule with efficient and transparent tools for exception handling and approvals. 

Market Data API
Designed for connectivity with major market data providers, our Market Data API enables you to quickly get access to price quote feeds, reference data and corporate actions with minimal effort. The advanced entitlement system for price data ensures that users can see only the data they have provider and exchange license for – on a per figure level.

Real Time Risk
Our high-performance risk module delivers exposures and sensitivities (rate buckets, greeks etc) in true real-time, allowing you to keep up with even the most volatile markets.

The broad range of supported asset types – from standard listed products to complex interest and equity derivatives – is designed to meet the needs of even the most complex strategy hedge funds. Leveraging the innovative calculation engine in Captron, all calculations are delivered with full transparency, allowing for full drill down into any risk measure.

Pre-trade Compliance
Ensure pre- and post trade compliance with the Pre-trade Compliance module, seamlessly integrated with the rest of Captron.

UCITS standard limits are configured out-of-the-box, and can easily be completed with custom limits. The limit dashboard enables easy monitoring and documentation – all access controlled via the advanced permission system in Captron.

Scenario Risk Analysis
Easily stress test your positions with industry standard Value-at-Risk calculations with configurable time horizons and confidence levels. The scenario risk module also enables what-if analysis on 10+ pre-configured scenarios including bull/bear markets, lookback scenarios and liquidity chocks, as well as the possibility to set up custom scenarios via curve shifts.