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Captron is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so you will never again have to worry about system down-time / maintenance, backups or version upgrades. By offering our products as SaaS, we appreciate the important responsibility of keeping your system available, up to date and secure. These are key considerations in every aspect of our business – from system architecture design and environment configuration to selection of hosting partners and internal security policies.

Service availability

With our SaaS delivery we ensure that you always have access to the system and never have to worry about maintaining the system or performing costly version upgrade projects. Combined with our high-performance hosting provider and carefully designed production deployment strategy, we offer a fully managed solution fitting of a next-generation system.

Key facts:

  • Managed hosting services – system maintenance, backups, upgrades, security and audit trails are part of the package
  • Access from anywhere – our SaaS solution enables you to access the system securely from any device and network
  • Quick time to market – gain access to new instruments, reports and other functionality quickly via our frequent software updates
  • Low latency, wherever your location - hosted with leading managed hosting provider with large global footprint (30+ data center locations globally)
  • Tested contingency plan - Captron is set up with automatic failover functionality to redundant data centers as well as a frequently tested backup strategy
  • Controlled production staging deployments - weekly patch updates during weekend with extensive, automated regression tests


We have worked closely with leading Swedish IT security firms to ensure the services we provide live up to the high requirements of a financial SaaS system in today’s complex threat landscape. Our proactive “security by design” approach - with implications in all parts of our business, from application design to infrastructure and internal working procedures - has resulted in a service that you can truly rely on to keep your data secure and compliant.

Key facts:

  • Managed hosting partner with highest possible security certifications
  • Best-practice system architecture (multiple security layers)
  • Advanced permission system in the application (configured per user or role level)
  • Compliant with data locality requirements (e.g. EU’s GDPR)
  • Security measures in place

  • Hosted on dedicated servers in select data centers
  • Alternative location Failover centers
  • Leading provider of secure managed hosting
  • Adheres to top security standards; including PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, ISO-27017 and ISO-27018
  • Secure connections with SSL certificates and two-factor authentication
  • All data at rest is encrypted
  • Internal security policies & access restrictions