With Captron, streamlined work processes become reality. Why should a fund manager need up to 6 systems when a private investor only needs one? Captron enables you to automate and streamline the entire workflow. This means the end of unnecessary manual processes and outdated (expensive) working methods. Allow yourself to move away from the production floor up to the control room!

Captron is truly a One Stop Shop for your business

Captron is a Front-to-back system tailored for the buy side, covering the business processes that previously required multiple different solutions. Order Management, Portfolio Management, Risk Management (Real time & Scenario Analysis), Limits, NAV & Shareholder Registry, Regulatory Reporting, Market Data- and Accounting APIs – it’s all included in the Captron suite. For some customers this means a reduction from six different systems into one single system - Captron!

One License

Tired of expensive licensing costs? With Captron you pay for one license, based on the number of modules, asset class complexity and number of users. Kiss the “license cost for multiple vendors as well as the guaranteed additional cost of expert consultants” good bye. With Captron you pay for what you actually need – not based on how the vendor bundles their products and services.

Seamless transition

Many companies hesitate to replace their old systems. There can be a variety of reasons for this. It takes time. The old system "works" - not great but good enough. The organization is used to the existing environment. The fear of costs exceeding what you budgeted for. Will the promised improvement really be achieved? At Limina we truly understand the need for a system transition to be as smooth as possible. The cornerstones in our implementation process are

  • All-inclusive
  • Minimum effort for the client
  • Extensive and transparent quality assurance

Our process has one clear goal - a transition as seamless as possible. You should be up and running as quickly as possible to enjoy the modern and effective benefits Captron offers.

One Support – full responsibility for your solution

No more blame game between vendors. With Captron as the overall solution you always have a single point of contact, whether it’s about support or business related issues. You only need one phone number - we take full responsibility for the product and that it meets your requirements.

One Interface

Whether you work as a portfolio manager, risk manager, analyst or at the back office, you are working in the same interface. You do not need to jump between systems, everything is available just one click away. User experience is our top priority, and we have designed Captron to be a true pleasure to work with:
  • All views and reports in the system are customizable, and can be easily shared with colleagues
  • Intuitive navigation with minimal number of applications
  • Collaboration features - add notes and attachments directly to entities in the system
  • Support for custom fields and custom tags
  • The system is designed for compliance via a robust permission system that ensures that everyone has the access level they need – and nothing more. One interface also means you need to spend less time and money on staff training.

    No more patching up systems

    Say goodbye to Excel and throw your fax-machine out the window. Many fund managers have spent endless hours to get their systems to function as promised. When the system finally works the next step is to get the different systems to communicate. Anyone who has been in this situation would do everything possible to not experience that again. With Captron, no patching is needed and no internal system integrations are needed - everything is already there. APIs for market data, accounting etc. ensures smooth communication with 3rd party software.

    Future-proof technology

    Even a modern system can turn into legacy fast. What makes a system hard to test, expensive to upgrade and slow to enhance is not its age, but its design. Most systems today are initially built to do a small task and has then gradually expanded; i.e. it’s designed to be a niche solution but ended up being a large system. There is also the case where the system has been built in a such a rush, that large design compromises had to be made.

    We’ve taken another approach. We set out to build a system that’s reliable, fast, cost effective and can adapt easily to unknown future demands. Under the hood of Captron is a net of services that can be replaced at any time. To assure complete control and uptime, we have also built an AI (Artificial intelligence) robot who keeps a watching eye on every service at all times. It alerts our support team of any unexpected behavior before a user has a chance to notice.

    Highly customizable

    We offer several API options, for example REST. Through the APIs you can do anything that is possible from the graphical interface such as enter trades, check limits, export a report etc. You can also intercept any part of the system. This is our way of giving you the possibility to customize. Let’s say you want to change the method with which certain options are valued, then just hook in a custom valuation of these transactions via the API instead of using the Captron model for it. In this way we can allow for customizations and still keep the price tag of an off-the-shelf product.


    There is a reason we at Limina have not only one of Sweden’s most experienced IT security specialist firms as partners, but two. Among our first roles ever to be assigned was the Head of Security. We make sure your data is safe. This means we do more than just protect the API, because that is just one of many ways to hack a system. An attacker finds the path of least resistance, which may mean they don’t hack the API nor the server, but the laptop that has access to the server.
    Read more about how we keep your data safe here