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Common system amongst London hedge funds

Common system amongst London mutual funds

Common system amongst Nordic mutual funds

Proprietary System (incl. spreadsheets)

Limina Captron

Peace of mind for fund managers!

Core Birthdate When the core functionality of the system was built 1990s 1990s 1990s N/A 2015
Asset coverage System coverage of asset classes star_half star_border star_border star_border star
PMS "Yes"
LicenseLicense fee.
Low fee $-$$$ High fee
$$$ $$ $ $ $-$$
ImplementationImplementation fee.
Low fee $-$$$ High fee
0-$$$ 0-$$$ 0-$$$ $ $
MaintenanceMaintenance fee.
Low fee $-$$$ High fee
$$$ $$ $ $ 0

Client experience

We've been on the client side, experienced non-intuitive solutions and terrible support. Due to this, we strive to achieve a great client experience from day one - when we implement the system, when we migrate from a previous system, when you call our client services team and in your everyday usage of the system.

Lower total cost of ownership

With 100% automation, you can spend internal resources on value creation rather than manual tasks. With Captron's broad feature-set, we'll likely help you remove some internal spreadsheets as well. Oh, and the license cost is probably lower than your current one.

No more upgrade projects

We manage all upgrades on a weekly basis and provide you with a stage environment that's one week ahead of production. We also help you set up tests during the implementation project and promise never to make automatic upgrades if there are breaking changes. This maximises reliability and minimises cost. Two things we like very much.

Fully managed implementation & migration

We manage the implementation completely, if you don't wish to be involved. At the beginning of the implementation, we conduct a series of interviews to catch all your requirements. At the end, we provide test cases for you to sign off on. That's it!

Highly customizable

We offer several API options, for example REST. Through the APIs you can do anything that is possible from the graphical interface such as enter trades, check limits, export a report etc. In this way we can allow for customizations and still keep the price tag of an off-the-shelf product.


There is a reason Limina not only has one of Sweden’s most experienced IT security specialist firms as partner, but two of them. Among our first roles ever to be assigned was the Head of Security. We make sure your data is safe.
Read more about how we keep your data safe here.

Future-proof technology

Even a modern system can turn into legacy fast. What makes a system hard to test, expensive to upgrade and slow to enhance is not its age, but its design. Most systems today are initially built to do a small task and has then gradually expanded; i.e. it’s designed to be a niche solution but ended up being a large system. There is also the case where the system has been built in a such a rush, that large design compromises had to be made.

We’ve taken another approach. We set out to build a system that’s reliable, fast, cost effective and can adapt easily to unknown future demands. Under the hood of Captron is a net of services that can be replaced at any time. To assure complete control and uptime, we have also built an AI (Artificial intelligence) robot who keeps a watching eye on every service at all times. It alerts our support team of any unexpected behavior before a user has a chance to notice.