Below is a description of Limina’s product Limina IMS and its modules, last updated 2021-11-04.

General features

1. Order management solution (OMS)

Limina IMS’s Order Management System (OMS) provides advanced functionality for creating and managing orders. By connecting to brokers and execution platforms over FIX protocol, the OMS can provide a full STP flow of orders and fills that seamlessly links with the Compliance and PMS modules of Limina IMS.

Feature highlights:

2. Portfolio management solution (PMS)

Limina IMS’s Portfolio Management System (PMS) provides an Investment Book of Records (IBOR) including a full record of transactions, positions, cash and lifecycle events. It also includes a reconciliation tool that can be used to reconcile the data in Limina IMS with Prime Brokers, Custodians and Fund Administrators.

Feature highlights:

3. Compliance management solution

Limina IMS’s Compliance Management Solution offers complex numerical limits support as well as qualitative limits such as trading restrictions (e.g. restriction lists), to be used both for pre-trade compliance checks, continuous intraday monitoring as well as scheduled limits monitoring.

Feature highlights:

4. Real-time risk solution

Limina IMS’s Real-time risk solution supports risk numbers calculated implicitly from current market conditions, delivered in real-time if there is access to real-time data. Numbers are transparent and can be drilled down into via inspection functionality that allows the user to trace how and with what data a measure has been calculated.

Feature highlights:

* Models may not be available for all asset classes supported by other modules
**Setup of integrations is not included by default, and is handled as part of implementation projects
***Integrations are subject to separate license fee
****Fed from market data provider (additional costs from third party provider may apply)

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