Core use cases


Captron is the world’s most intuitive Investment Management Solution and covers order, portfolio, real-time risk and compliance management as well as collaboration tools. Some of the core use cases of Captron throughout the trade lifecycle are:

1. Simulate hypothetical trade ideas

Easily test trade ideas - enter hypothetical trades and see effect on exposures, risks etc. Check compliance (audited) and send the trade for execution internally or externally.


2. Effortless pre-trade, intraday and EOD compliance controls

Captron performs automatic pre-trade compliance checks, as well as scheduled checks intraday. The configurable compliance rules can be set up to track limits – both warning and blocking - and restrict actions and trading that would break compliance rules.

Captron logs all checks for future reference, and the collaborative breach workflow enables you to easily add notes and request a permissioned user to mark the breach as resolved.

3. Place and manage orders and fills

Captron’s intuitive order management capabilities are seamlessly connected with the portfolio management and compliance workflows. Orders can be sent directly to 600+ brokers as well as through execution management systems such as Bloomberg EMSX, TSOX and more.

real time risk

4. Real-time P&L and risk views

Customizable views to monitor real-time risks (DV01, Greeks, factor risks etc.), P&L and exposures. Captron can notify you on events and risk changes.

5. Trades & positions automatically managed

Positions created on any hierarchy-level and the configurable parameter engines automatically populates trading fees, funding costs, trade parameters etc.


6. Automatically report & reconcile

Captron will reconcile with 3rd party platforms in any way required. Trades, P&L, positions and more can be reported automatically and easily reconciled with fund admins, prime brokers and custodians. Smart features for break resolution such as quick trade booking, as well as interaction with the party* you reconcile with directly within the system.

* available for selected parties

7. Comprehensive operations solutions

Captron tracks all cash accounts and cash flows automatically, and includes an intuitive real-time view of your current and upcoming cash liquidity ("Cash Ladder") which can be easily sliced and diced across any accounts and cash flows – past, present and future.


8. Automatically manage events in your portfolio

Events such as payments, maturities and corporate actions processing are all handled automatically as a core function in Captron. You can easily ask Captron keep track of events for you.