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Your workflows.
Your numbers.

With Limina IMS

Implemented and supported by our highly experienced
team of buy-side professionals with backgrounds as
CTO's, quants, COO's and more.

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Some of our clients

Order management Portfolio management Compliance management Real-time risk

Investment management solution

IMS – a seamless combination of the traditional buy-side product areas:

  • Order management
  • Portfolio management
  • Compliance
  • Real-time risk
Our philosophy cosmetic
Our philosophy cosmetic

Our philosophy

We believe an investment management solution should:

  • Workflow Support and help optimise your workflows
  • Workflow Never restrict what can be analysed
  • Workflow Be intuitive to use

Combining these primary objectives is difficult in practice since flexibility often adds complexity. This is the challenge that Limina IMS solves.

Smart data generation

Smart data generation

Quickly enter dates and other input via keyboard shortcut commands.

Make it yours

Arrange all views to align perfectly with your workflows and preferences.

Unrivaled transparency

Complete transparency

Inspect any number and see how it's been calculated for full clarity and audit trail.

Quickly find what you’re looking for

Smart search functions help you quickly find and show information on instruments, positions, transactions and more.



Limina IMS facilitates collaboration by making it easy to discuss, share and take notes on most areas of the system including events, trades and compliance breaches.


Limina IMS will easily adapt to your workflows (trade life cycle, permissions, valuation policies, position rules, compliance rules etc.) while also empowering users with customised reports, dashboards and widgets – to name a few examples.

Tomorrow and beyond

Limina IMS is a future-proof solution that is designed to easily be reengineered, to leverage the rapid technology advancements across fields such as artificial intelligence. In addition, the platform’s API (with 100% coverage) enables easy data import and extraction, ensuring easy integration with 3rd party solutions or service providers.