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Limina Introduction

Kristoffer Fürst

March, 2020

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VISION – single workflow for all users connecting from any device from anywhere

Market Conditions

  • Unprecedented volatility due to COVID-19
  • High demand on legacy IT environments for remote access
  • Need for agility within investment strategy
  • Operational speed is critical

How Limina Helps

Cloud Environment

  • Zero IT resources needed
  • 100% Remote Access
  • VPN or Virtual Desktop not required
  • Secure with 2FA


  • OMS integrations with 3rd party EMS
  • Shadow NAV & reconciliation
  • Compliance limits and restrictions
  • Real-Time greeks analyzed across entire hierarchy
  • Customizable views per user role created in minutes

Single Environment

  • All workflow built on same API architecture
  • All services seamlessly integrated (Order Management, Portfolio Management, Compliance, and Real-Time Risk)
  • Single source of truth for all market data across all four services

Automated Operations

  • Ad-Hoc market-data requests via browser
  • Scheduled market-data changes via browser
  • On the fly reports & exports via browser

Remote Access

  • User friendly browser views in pc, laptop, and tablet
  • Low IT spec requirements (supporting new and old equipment)