Alquity: “Limina’s flexible and bespoke solutions are essential to us”

– Francisco Almada, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Alquity


Alquity is a leading impact asset management business investing in high-growth markets worldwide. By connecting investors to their investments and social progress, Alquity delivers financial outcomes for all and aims to achieve enduring financial success. Their approach results in portfolios that play long-term themes via transparent companies, with effective management aligned with shareholders.

Francisco Almada is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Alquity. In their previous collaborations, he was missing a real PMS system and started to look for a true partner willing to act fast, be flexible and develop bespoke solutions:

“Since we are a dynamic and ever-changing business – constantly looking at new products, new funds, new opportunities – we needed a true partner focusing on bespoke solutions. And with Limina, we found that. Their experience, combined with their forward-looking approach, made them the perfect solution for us from a business continuity point of view.”

Limina is the perfect PMS and OMS partner for the development of the business”


Alquity initiated procurement in order to look for a true partner focusing on flexible and bespoke solutions. Eventually, the choice fell on Limina: the first cloud-native investment management solution for institutional facets.

“For us, Limina’s flexibility and the fact that they’re always focusing on bespoke solutions are key to us. We need that; we need flexibility, speediness, and someone acting as a real partner. On top of that, they offer access from anywhere, very low latency, and monthly upgrade releases – all of which really benefit our efficiency”, says Fransisco.


So far, Limina and Alquity have developed different parts of Alquity’s business together: a bespoke rebalancing tool, a bespoke compliance tool, a bespoke volatility trading tool, to name a few.

And all with a flexible and outstanding reconciliation solution, according to Francisco:

“Limina is the perfect PMS and OMS partner for business development. The most significant gains of working with Limina are also what makes them a true partner; being bespoke, reliable, accessible, and delivering cutting-edge technology.”