Atle: “A reliable and robust system with a good risk oversight was a precondition for us”

Sofia Beckman, Chief Executive Officer, Atle Investment Services


Atle was founded in 2018 in its current shape. It is the investment arm of the listed investment company Bure Equity. Atle hold equity investments in active managers, both traditional and alternative. Under the Atle umbrella, Bure is building a portfolio of the Nordic regions’ leading independent fund managers. Their goal is to work actively and long-term as owners of these companies to create a good return for the funds’ shareholders and Bure’s shareholders in the long run. The group also has a service company, Atle Investment Services, which provides support within marketing, distribution, sustainability and other operational services for the affiliate companies. Atle Investment Service further help new managers, such as Humle Fonder, grow internally (hosting) until they become large enough to establish their own fund management company.

For Sofia Beckman, CEO of Atle investment Services, a reliable and robust system with a good risk oversight was a precondition – which they found with Limina: 

“We wanted a partner that could grow with us and focus on digitalisation as much as we do; a partner that would value our input, someone we could develop our system with. Before going into the procurement, some of our other prerequisites were integration with our back office, an open infrastructure, and a cloud-based solution.” 


Atle’s current solution with Limina as their service provider is with Humle Småbolagsfonden and Humle Sverigefonden; two funds with a relatively low complexity regarding instruments. This was an important factor for Sofia as they needed a system they could scale with, for example, when wanting to go into another space in terms of products, instruments, or strategies. 

Petter Löfqvist, Asset Manager of the Atle-owned fund, agrees and argues that the usefulness was another critical factor:

For me, as a portfolio manager, I think the system is very user-friendly. It’s a modern, cloud-based system that is very adaptable to my needs in terms of extracting information.”


From a portfolio management perspective, Limina has enabled Atle to digitalize the whole trade workflow: from simulation, to placing trades, to compliance and post-trade management, saving them much time. Petter explains: 

“It’s such a modern portfolio management system – not only because it’s cloud-based, but the entire process flow and information I get is very modern and up to date. It’s simple to use, flexible to work with, and it minimizes the time for the entire trade workflow.” 

“Limina helps us reduce operational risks, and let our portfolio managers focus on important tasks that add value to the fund,” Sofia says.