This is an instruction to a data processor agreement (the Agreement), referred to by link. Definitions used herein shall mean as defined in the Agreement, unless explicitly defined herein.

Last updated 2019-12-24.

A.1. Purposes with processing

The purpose of the Processing is that the Supplier shall be able to provision the Service and provide support in relation to the Service to Users as well as further develop the Software efficiently.

A.2. Categories of data subjects

The categories of data subjects concerned are Users.

A.3. Categories of personal data which will be processed

The categories of personal data which will be processed are User’s names and email adresses.

A.4. Sensitive data

Sensitive data will not be processed.

A.5. Personal identification number

Personal Data containing personal identification numbers will not be processed.

A.6. Data relating to criminal convictions and offences

Personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences will not be processed.

A.7. Security

A.8. Access to personal data

Employee’s of Limina AB and third party consultants working for Limina that are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

The Supplier may also transfer the Personal Data to recipients with whom the Client entered into a data processing agreement with.

A.9. Sub-contractors

The Supplier has a general approval to appoint sub-processors for the processing of Personal data under the Agreement on the behalf of the Supplier. The Supplier is thus entitled to at any time appoint additional or replace current sub-processors in accordance with the provisions in the Sub-processors section of the Agreement. The following sub-processors are the currently appointed:

A.10. Place of processing

A.11. Transfers to third contries

The personal data may be transferred to a Third country only as a result of A.10.

A.12. Singling out

The Personal data will be processed as long as necessary for the performance of the service under the Agreement.