About us

Why we’re here

Limina was founded out of practical experience managing portfolios – we have been in the shoes of our clients. Shaped by that experience, we know investment teams want to feel empowered, and not reliant on a system that “just performs tasks”.
This may sound simple, but in complex financial markets it is really hard to create a product and organisation that delivers on this. We understand the fund management industry is too complex for a one-size-fits-all system, so we work with each client to configure our solution to the best fit for their business. Our philosophy is distinctive and unmatched, which is why Limina has been driving change for its clients since 2015.

Who we are

Limina is a modern investment management solutions provider. We work with our clients to modernise the fund management industry for the future. This starts with our best-of-breed solution, which provides order-raising workflows, pre-trade compliance and real-time portfolio insights. Our technology is complemented by smart human delivery, with Limina and its buy-side clients shaping workflow solutions together. Our industry experts share and apply their community knowledge in order to deliver real transformation and growth based on individual client needs.

How we got here

In 2014, a quant at a major Nordic Fund realised change was needed. Endless hours of problem solving that should have taken minutes to solve if automated lit the spark to the idea that turned into Limina IMS. The company’s name holds special significance, inspired by the village in Messina, Italy, where the journey began.

Like-minded innovators from across the financial industry soon joined the team and after months of coding, testing, and engineering throughout 2014, the first fragments were ready for what would eventually become the product Limina IMS in early 2015. The first client followed and by 2016, Limina was flourishing, with new company departments for operations as well as sales. Since then, a portfolio of new clients, significant investment, awards and partnerships with Confluence and C3 have become part of the Limina story.

Leadership team

Ulf Svensson


30+ years industry experience across US, UK and Asia in CTO and strategy roles. Grew an equity trading business from 0 to $30M.

Kristoffer Fürst


Former legacy user of competitive systems, at three trading desks: Handelsbanken and two renowned hedge funds at Brummer & Partners.

Robert Correa

Head of Sales

Responsible for EMEA sales teams at Bloomberg & Cisco, background in security master financial market data.