Onboarding Services

Seamless onboarding

Our team has run many implementations, and we appreciate the need for a system transition to be as smooth as possible. With Limina IMS, you will get an implementation that is:

  • Managed (we will drive the project)
  • All-inclusive (minimum effort for the client)
  • Extensively quality assured (with full transparency)

Our process has one clear goal – a transition as seamless as possible, so that you can be up and running as quickly as possible to enjoy the benefits Limina IMS offers.

A typical Limina IMS implementation project

1. Scoping

We start with a scoping process where we gather detailed requirements, identify all stakeholders (including external ones), and work out a migration approach (what should be migrated and how; if applicable)

2A. Implementation

We prepare your environment with your data, integrations and based on our findings in the scoping phase. This includes configuration of users, permissions, static data and more, as well as running historical data migration (if applicable).

2B. Testing

We run tests together with our clients, including user acceptance tests, to ensure the system is ready for production use.

3. Training / Q&A

If desired, we can hold a brief training / Q&A session to ensure all users are ready to enjoy the full benefits of the system.

4. Go-live

When implementation and testing is done, the system goes live. Sometimes a parallel run with a previous system is conducted. If there are multiple funds to bring live, we typically run this process one fund at a time for minimal operational risk in the on-boarding process.

Find out more about our Investment Management Solution or book a demo to get an overview of the Limina system.